Tuesday, 14 January 2014

A Witch Hunt

Finally got to use this guy in a small tournament that I was in over the weekend. It was a small tiered competition that started off with 2 x 800 point games and 3 x 1200 point games that you had to fit your 800 point list into. It actually worked pretty well I thought, as it restricted people from having all of their toys and forced them to pick a reasonably themed list. As a result I've been inspired to use a witch hunter a little more often, as they're cheap and lot's of fun to use. 

He's not quite done yet, but getting there. I've opted to add the great sword slung across his back which was drying as I took these photo's on a new background image that I printed off at work today (sneaky sneaky). 
I've also done him a slightly different colour (mostly yellow and black) with the cloak and a few details being red and blue so that I can use him in either my Altdorf or my Mordheim witch hunters, which I've decided are going to hail from Averland. 

Friday, 3 January 2014


One of the local clubs has started a Mordheim league up again, so I thought I'd go at it with a fresh gang, this time using Witch Hunters. Previous gangs that I've run have been Reiklanders or Pirates. 
Anyway, pictures:


Based loosely off the artwork in the Mordheim book.

Witch Hunter

Based loosely off the artwork in the Mordheim book.

Witch Hunter

One of the few actual Mordheim models I have (with a minor conversion)

Zealots with bows

These guys are mostly just in the gang to give me something to do in the shooting phase and hopefully keep some of the scum alive (by hiding at the back of the board).

Zealots with sword and club


Two are armed with flails and one has a bent, rusted great weapon that he's found on some battle field.