Thursday, 13 February 2014

Huzzah! I've finished a model. Like proper varnished and everything. I'm so happy.
I had a bit of help in the form of a local online painting competition and the fact that the Witchhunter is such a nice model to paint. I really enjoyed painting him, as he's in a slightly different scheme to the rest of the Altdorf army.

Anyway, enough rambling, here he is.

And I've made a bit of progress on this fellow too, who is turning out quite nicely.

I've now got to decide on what to paint over the next few weeks. I've started getting a bit more done again, so I'd like to maximise that effort if possible. 

Vaguely in order I'd like to:
  • Finish the empire, including redoing the cloth on the demigryph knights as Altdorf colours. Possibly get this done for Ides of May.
  • Finish my Dystopian Wars Fleet for the NZ Nationals (April)
  • Finish my Dystopian Legion force so I can order more models.
  • Possibly try and get more finished on my Elves for Ides of May, but at this point I'm thinking I should do the Empire as they're a little closer to being done. 
  • Infinity. This is a project I want to have chugging along in the background as I think I'll enjoy it more if I do a model at a time and as I'm not actively playing yet....