Monday, 29 February 2016

Mordheim Progress Part 3

It's been a while since I've progressed on my Mordheim projects as I've been working on the chaos mostly. But I finally got around to doing a little bit more on them. 

The possessed is taking a lot longer than I'd planned. Mostly because I haven't found a suitable tail for him yet. I have managed to get the eyes added and straps for the armour though. A little bit more work was also done to merge the Tyranid arm into a similar aesthetic as the bloodletter arm. 

And apart from the rope; which I want to redo; the swordsman is complete. 

Saturday, 20 February 2016


Ooooh excitment! I haven't been spectacularly excited about any Games Workshop releases of late. In fact i hardly even bother looking for rumours these days (what there are of them anyway). However I can quite easily see my self getting the Deathwatch box set. I love the retro look of the genestealers and the magus. And as I'm getting a lot more interested in the roleplaying/story telling aspect of the 40k universe I'd love to make a necromunda style campaign set around a genestealer cult.  

Anyway enjoy the pictures. 
deathwatch box cover
deathwatch boxed set marines
deathwatch genestealers

deathwatch genestealers

deathwatch genestealers magus

deathwatch genestealers

deathwatch genestealers

Monday, 8 February 2016

High Elves Shields

10 years or so ago (my god, where does the time go), I started my high elves. It took me a while to get the direction from what i recall, but I went with a traditional white cloth, blue details, and then I went with purple as a third colour. Purple because I thought it was different and because it wouldn't stand out so much from the blue. It worked well enough and I put a lot of time and effort into the army as well as doing some freehand on banners etc. However after 10 years of gaming the white was wearing thin and undercoat could be seen in places as well as where the models had been scratched and chipped. Over half the spearelves had lost their shields and some of the symbols had fallen off. 

With that in mind and the fact that my skills had improved I started updating the colour scheme and repairing the damage. I didn't want to put too much more work back into them, so the solution was to repaint the white as grey (easier to paint) and touch up the blue, metal and purple. However I didn't know what colour to do the white part of the shields. On one hand I could leave them white and just stick them back on, but it didn't really fit with their new grey robes. If I painted the shields grey it was going to take a similar amount of work as the white and I'd have to paint around the symbols. 

Then one day I was flicking through the High elf heraldry book and it hit me. I could change the symbol, and the shields. I had a fair idea that I could just 'pop' the symbols off by sliding my hobby knife under them, as they'd been super glued over paint and the glue deteriorates over time. Then I could sand the shield back, and repaint. 

With my new plan, I set too it. As most of the shields were scattered through various bits boxes and army cases it took me a while to find them all. But the plan went more or less as planned. Symbols popped off with hobby knife. I used the airbrush to undercoat and highlight them blue. Then I did the same with the symbols and 'attempted' to airbrush them gold, however the gold did not like my airbrush. I think I need to look into paint extender to help with that. 

Left:New colour test. Center:A second test shield. Right:The original colour scheme. 

40 odd shields, plus all the cavalry ones I could find stuck to some masking tape for spraying. 

The gold basecoat done. I ended up finishing these by hand.

The champions shield. I'll probably add a rune in the grey area. 
Below is a selection of photo's of some of the designs i liked from the heraldry book. In particular the thick stripes and diagonals look good too me. As always simplicity is king.