Monday, 27 March 2017

Herald of Slaanesh

With my Word Bearers coming along nicely I'm fast getting to the point where I can consider taking a second HQ. The plan at the moment is to take a sorcerer with malefic daemonology and summon some daemons to distract my opponents. 

With that in mind I've been considering how to convert some heralds, and as I currently have a half painted unit of daemonettes sitting on my desk I'm starting with Slaanesh. I've never really liked the 'all girl demons all the time' that GW does, so I've been thinking of ways to make them look more daemonic than girly. Slaanesh has always been somewhat androgynous, so I wanted to keep that feel with her it. I really quite like the old style Greater Daemon, so I've based my herald around this guy. Current reasoning that this herald is rising in power and will soon become a greater daemon rather than being a handmaiden as is mentioned in the unit entry of the daemons codex. 

For the herald I started with a bloodletter as a base model and switched out the torso for one of the slaaneshi marauder cavalry. These kit's also have some fantastic arms, so I cut one of those down to make a claw arm, and then cut the end off another to make his sword. 

Before I paint him it, I may end up adding some straps to his its head, a loincloth and maybe a tail, though I'm not certain he it needs a tail. 

Slaanesh Herald conversion daemon

Slaanesh Herald conversion daemon

Slaanesh Herald conversion daemon

Slaanesh Herald conversion daemon

Slaanesh Herald conversion daemon

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Word Bearers Slowly Grow

It's been far to long since I last posted again, but things are going well for me painting wise.

I've joined up to a slow grow league at the local gaming group, and having just finished the first month, I have a painting prize, plus I've managed to finish some more models (backpacks included) and even have photos of them.

First month of the league was 200 point kill teams. We had a few house rules that let us take half sized units and also form 'ad-hoc units'. That is, you could join models into units, and that gave them a 6+ feel no pain save. It seemed to work pretty well and was good for giving the feel of regular 40k.

As we could take half sized units I thought it would be a good chance to get some 'ashen circle' raptors painted, so I took a 'unit' of 3. For the rest of the squad I took a unit of marines and typically gave 2 of them CCW to differentiate my specialists. This gave me an excuse to start painting my chosen.

First up, the chosen. 
I managed to get some resin shoulder pads for the left side, and used some different transfers on the right should pad. I've used used Dark Angel robes for all of the chosen.

Next up, Raptors. 
The champion has robes and script as per my Chaos Marine squads, and I've also given him a hand flamer (typically to be used as a combi-flamer) and a demon (power weapon) possessed axe. The ashen circle were known for ranging far ahead of the Word Bearers and pulling down and burning all the temples and cultural icons they could find, so I've tried to add a little of that to the unit with the hand flamer and the custom chain axes for the regular raptors. 

  And finally an update on the marines that I've finished so far. With the end of the first month I have 19 Chaos Space Marines painted, and I'm just waiting on some inspiration for how to finish the second icon bearer.

We completed the month with a weekend kill team tournament, which was lot's of fun, and this month we're having 500point games. I have a plan to complete the raptor squad with 2 x melta guns, and try and complete my autocannon havocs. If I get them completed I'll see if I can start work on either a second rhino, or a hellbrute as dreadnaughts seem quite lethal at smaller point games.

I'll leave you with some photos of a game I had against Owen, a new player with some brilliantly painted imperial fists.