Thursday, 12 January 2017

Works in Progress

Well, with Christmas holidays done and dusted, I'm back home, and trying to finish some projects, so I can get some painting done. While I was away I had 100x 32mm bases turn up so that I can finish basing my Word Bearers.

100 bases.

Start of a unit of Ashen Circle. A 40k version of them anyway. 

Ashen Circle axe made from a chainsword and berserker chainaxe. 

Some work I've done on my Chaos lord. Greenstuff and a bloodeletter head to make the shoulder pad, and a random mace head (I think from a warmachine model?) for his weapon. 

The start of a unit of chosen. I think these guys are going to look good with the additional robes and script etc on them. 

The Chosen champion. A random bionic arm, and a beastman head to make him look somewhat possessed/daemonic. 
I've got a few decisions to make with painting the Ashen Circle troops as well. I could paint them red to tie in with the rest of the word bearers, or I could a mix of grey and red. I also want to add in a combi flamer (as a hand flamer) which will probably just go to the unit champ. 

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