Mordheim Progress

Well, this month has been pretty busy, it's getting into Christmas, and it's getting warm, so there are lot's of BBQ's and events on, but I've been managing to get some hobby time in. I also entered a half marathon in Queenstown which I competed in the weekend before last. I managed to complete it in 2 hours and 19 minutes, which was good I felt, considering I'd only started running at all about 3 months ago. Immediately afterwards I disappeared to Melbourne for a week to check the city out as I'm looking for work over there. I'd never been to Australia before and I'm glad I went. Loved the city, it reminds me of the time I spend in dunedin, albeit with considerably more people.

Anyway, on to more hobby related matters, I've been working away at my Mordheim stuff. I got some of the Marienburger characters nearly completed (pictures to come later, once they're finished) and I've managed to get a lot more done on my Marienburg swordsman to go with the metal one. I'm currently just debating on what armour to add to him (the shoulder pad and the leg plate are blue tacked on) as he needs a bit more to match the metal model (the painted one)

I've also been putting aside $20 a week towards buying boxes of Games Workshop models to use for converting a Possessed and an Undead warband. My ultimate plan is to have a box of bits that I can just grab bits from to create whatever I want. The first instance of this is the first of my Possessed models which is definitely still a WIP. Below are a few alternate head's blue tacked on and there will be a we bit of greenstuff happening on this model. I need to source a tail too....


  1. Looks good Chris, I've started playing Kings of War going well so far :)

  2. Cheers dude. Have you built a kings of war army or are you using your fantasy figures? We're still doing a bit of 8th ed as well as some games of 9th age.


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