Post Natcon

Over the Easter weekend the NZ National tournament was held in Chch. After a long weekend of drinking, catching up with old friends, playing toy soldiers and generally having a good time I managed to finish 5th out of 27 players. Generally being placed in the lower ranks of tourny players means I'm reasonably ecstatic about that. I was also running a different list than I normally do which included a unit of 30 Swordmasters.

Facing off against a bretonian army.

The List
High elves

Bsb, Armour of Caledor, Great Weapon

Level 2, Silver wand, Lore of Metal

Level 2, Seer staff of Saphery, High Magic

20 Spearelves
Full command

29 Spearelves
Full command, Banner of Eternal Flame

30 Swordmasters
Full command, Banner of Arcane Protection

24 White Lions
Full command, Banner of Disapline

1 Tiranoc chariot

1 Great Eagle

I won 5 of 8 games, although placement was helped out a bit by composition marking which was done by adding half the difference in composition scores to the battle score (assuming you had higher mark) while the person with the lower composition score was penalised by half the difference in composition. Overall the system worked, but needs work with the way composition is marked and moderated.

And now it's time to get back into finishing the elves I didn't quite get finished for the tourny before moving on with other projects.