Well, I've started playing around with a couple of Golden Demon models, of which I'm not entirely sure I'll enter either. The first is a model of Pippin from Lord of the Rings. I haven't painted a lot of these models, but this is just an experiment at painting a tiny model. So far I've pretty much finished the cloak and the main black colour on the tunic. I'm not entirely happy with the back, but that's something I've always struggled with. I want to do some silver/grey freehand on the front and edge of the tunic too. The metals need to be retouched as I applied some of the inks a bit too heavily and due to the shape of the helmet (not entirely smooth/round) they've 'pooled' a bit.

The second is the new Deathmaster Snikch model which I've just done the metals and some of the skin for at this stage. I've gone for a heavily rusted metal blade with brass details everywhere else. The skin I'm trying to do similar to a black rat's skin with the lighter colour going to a dwarf flesh or similar. Hopefully that works.
I am a little bit stuck on what other colours to do on him. I'd have liked to do a dirty green with yellow checkers for the cloak, but that's not very assassin like, so I might do the cloak a dirty black and the pants a bit more coloured.

And finally I've been working on my Dystopian Wars Prussian fleet. We've just started picking up the rules and having seen how good my gaming buddies fleets look once they start getting paint on them, which has inspired me to get mine done.
I've tried a few colour combinations with these and wasn't happy till I hit upon this combo. Primarily black hulls, with Prussian blue gunnels, funnels and any other coloured areas. White decks, with timber soles (the floor for those with no boating terminology) and red trim in the odd place. Brass for all the tesla weaponry. You can see my test model on the lower right.