The Empire, and Prussians

Well yet again I've been slack updating this blog and yet again my desk is a mess of half started projects

I have been doing a little bit more lately and I'm got a few deadlines to meet this year for painting.

The first is I want all my dystopian wars painted. This begins with the starter fleet and then carries on with an extra bomber, which I need for next weekends tournament, and the gunships, and the corvettes also need finishing touches applied.
And in a sporadic fit of motivation I managed to get the black wolf 90% done. I've just got to highlight the brass/copper areas and the white and paint the base. 
Second, to get my Empire army (now tournament legal with 3 min colours) finished and based. To aid this I've started flocking everything that is finished. Hopefully I'll feel bad enough about the rest of the army that I can get a bit more finished. Currently I'm working on the free company, as I can field 30 - 40 of these guys with 3 ogres as mercenary unit fillers. Below are 5 that are finished, plus a couple of extras that I need. I've never had a model that I thought the enormous feather on the great swords sprue would fit better than a flamboyant free company musician.
I've also bought one of the fantastic new witch hunter models and finally found a nice chaos bit to add to the base to make him stand out a little. I'd like to build him into my list and use him to target mages and suchlike with his pistols.

Third and forth are to keep my dystopian legions and Chaos marines plodding along. We'll see how that goes though...

Out till next time.