Bases have arrived!

Well, with 60 bases from Dragon Forge having just arrived, I can now move on with my Chaos army for 40k. I've just cleaned up the first 13 for my first batch of cultists. Only 47odd to go now. I've been testing out a little bit more of the weathering powders on the bases, trying to get a good rust effect, but it's not looking as nice as I'd like at the moment.
Perhaps I'm just applying it too sloppily at the moment.

I'm also setting myself a few goals.
1: Dystopian Legions starter set to be done by the end of July. Then I can start getting a few more games in.
2: 500 points of 40k to be done by the end of August/September for a tale of 4 gamers that a few mates and I are doing.
3: Bulk my High Elves up to 2000 points for Cavcon, one of our local tournaments here in Christchurch. At the moment I'm planning on taking my Chrace list, but due to the drop in points that the elves got with the new rules, I may have to bulk up on characters or take my empire out again.

Hopefully more updates soon.