Well I've been at it again, starting new projects before the old ones are finished.
With the release of the new Darkelves army book I found I couldn't help myself and picked up the new assassin model and the Darkelves book. Plus I 'needed' those purchases to get me my free entry into Conquest, one of our local tournaments.
Anyway, I had a great idea that the assassin model would make a great lore master for the Highelves. I really don't like the existing model as his hips look strange, plus, he's firing that weird looking octopus/energy ball. The assassin is in a similar pose once he's straighted up and he's covered in ornate armour which I think fit's the swordmaster look perfectly. 

Some of the early work, sticking bits together with blue tack.

The final pose I settled on. I'd still love to use the great axe and lion pelts to make a Chrace character out of him too, but for now, I've got a loremaster!

And finally the greenstuff work done tonight. I feel that he needs a pouch and scroll and possibly some potions to make him look a little more like a loremaster though.

And last, but not least some WIP shot's of the chosen for my chaos army.

I'm being pushed a bit more now, with a 500 point game coming up this weekend to learn the rules, followed by 1000 points a few weeks after that. Non of the games requiring painted models thankfully, but having the games coming up means I'll try and get a bit more painted for it.

My 500 points that I had worked out for painting roughly consists of:
  • chaos lord/sorceror (I'll figure out which I want to paint closer to completion of the troops)
  • 5-10 chosen with various weapon options to fill out the points. 
  • 10 cultists with autoguns
  • 20 cultists with autopistols and closecombat weapons. 

Till next time,


  1. great conversion work on the lore master, I'm yet to paint my goo ball throwing wizard


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