Southcon 2015

Over the weekend I attended Southcon in Dunedin. This year I played dystopian wars (like I have for the last couple) and had a great time. I was pretty disorganised getting my list in, so I just updated an older list, and worked out how much Black Wolf I could take as this year we had split lists.

Our first list was to be made up of 500 points, and we had various requirements for large/massive, medium and small class ships as well as only having 5 tiny fliers. The second list was 1000 points, which had it's own set of requirements. The first day we played 500 points, 1000 points, 500 points and finally 1500 point games. Day two we had 1000points and 1500 point games. Over all it worked out pretty well, though a lot of our games went over, partially due to looking up game/scenario rules.

Anyway, onto the pictures. First up, my Prussians (1000 points) with allied blackwolf (500 points)

 I acutally painted the blackwolf segment in the two days leading up to the event.

And a selection of pictures from my games including the overall fleet shots of each player.

 Mikes fluff for his antarticans was written hurredly on the back of a speights beer label. His fleet is painted speights colours of a grey/blue and orange.

And that's all for now. Hopefully I should have some more projects to put up over the next week or so.