Age of Sigmar - War of the Beards!

Another game of Age of Sigmar. This time against Alex and his Duardin. Again we ignored the terrain setup rules and made the table look nice. This time we set it in the Old World, around the War of the Beards era. A Chance encounter between too warbands.

Again I took my elves, this time my Chrace force as I wanted to see what great eagles and the lion chariot were like in game. I also took my white lion unit as silver helms.

For deployment we went with something slightly different. 

Elves advancing through the forest. 

Dwarven deployment

The noble running out in front of his body guard while they try and catch up. The eagle in the background charged, mostly to see what he could do and to try and kill some stuff. He also gets to run away again after the fight. And the White lions in the background failed their charge so stood there stupidly. 

A closer shot.

In Alex's turn he charged with his dwarves.

Lion chariot gets into the flanks. As the spear elves were already in the front that meant not many dwarves got to put their attacks onto the lion chariot, which saved him. I didn't take a photo, but the rune smith charged in on Alex's turn and nearly killed the chariot. 

Strategically running away with the lion chariot so I can charge in the next turn and get the bonus attacks. 

Everything died pretty quickly towards the end.

And the last White Lion and the White lions finishing off the dwarves. 
Overall a pretty close game. We seemed to have pretty similar armies being both small elite type forces. Elite units pack a punch with having multiple attacks. As do spearelves.