War of the Roses & Mordhiem

Slowing getting things done. I've been pretty busy with gaming (both on the table and pc), but I have done some painting here and there. Below is the first half of a unit of Foot Sergeants for the WotR. I still have to find or make a banner for them. 
The Coat of Arms of John Bourchier, first baron berners. He's a little obscure, but his father and brother (I think) seem to have been in the WotR as well. And it lets me paint my units in several different colours. 

And Morhiem. Slowly coming along. Some quick buildings being put together as well as some paint slapped on the models themselves.

This poor fellow was mauled by a bear in my first game, gained horrible scars, then a head wound the game after so is now frenzied, with quick reflexes (or the paranoid twitches as I like to call them)