Getting smashed with my own army

Well, the xmas/new year holidays are over and tomorrow I go back to work, which I'm so, so enthusiastic about. I haven't really achieved as much as I wanted hobbywise, as I went away for a week or so to visit family and since I got back I've been, well...lazy. I have managed a wee bit though.

With Warclouds over Woolston coming up soon I've been having a few games at 1400 points. This is a points size that I find a lot of fun. It's just enough to get you some (1 normally) decent sized units and a couple of elites with support. The last game I had against Lil Nath went quite badly. I think it was mostly due to deploying a little too spread out and some unfortunate rolls. The worst part of it was that he was using my empire while I used my elven list that I plan on taking to warclouds.

Nathan deciding what the next move is. 

Chariots and reavers prepare to try and take on the demigryph knights. 

Nathans artillery bunker within the walls of an elven monolith. He used the rocket battery (with attached engineer) to great effect during this game, including taking out 12 archers in one shot at the end of the game!

I've also managed to pick up some daemonettes for use with my word bearers. I'm taking part in a local campaign where I intend to summon them if I can. I'm also using them as a chance to learn more about my airbrush.
A test model for the daemonettes. Based all in flesh, then, use washes of red gore, then with black towards the extremities of the 'daemonic' bits. 
Prelim coat of flesh colour.

I also managed to get in a game of war of the roses, which was a great game. Close game right till the very end.
As we like this system so much we've even ordered in a few copies of dragon rampant to try out.