Invasion Australius I

Well, it's been a while since I posted, mostly due to moving countries, and taking some time to set myself up in Melbourne.

I have managed to get some of my hobby stuff started again, mostly finding a regular gaming club that's not too much effort to get to via public transport. I may expand my range a bit once I get a car, but for now I'm sorted. I've also managed to get into some 40k games and even the later end of an inquisimunda campaign.

The most enjoyable 40k game so far was a three player game, with me as Word Bearers (1000points), Dave with his Nid's (1500ponts) in the middle and Matt with sisters of silence and Spacewolves (1000) points at the far end of the board. There are some pictures below and a full breakdown can be found on Matt's blog.

I used the Crimson Slaughter rules as these were the best way to get proxy Wordbearer rules at the time (I do love the new traiter legions rules)

Chaos Space Marine Force (1000 points, using Crimson Slaughter)

Brethren of the Dark Covenant
  • Dark Apostle
  • Possessed x 5
  • Chaos Marines x 10, Flamer x 2, Aspiring Champion w PF
  • Chaos Marines x 10, Meltagun x 2, Aspiring Champion w PS
Cult of Slaughter:
  • Dark Apostle w Black Mace
  • Cultists x 15 w/Mark of Khorne
  • Cultists x 15 w/Mark of Khorne

Space Wolf Force (1000 points):

SW Combined Arms Detachment:
  • HQ: Wolf Guard Battle Leader, with TH & SS mounted on TWC
  • Elite: Venerable Dreadnought with FA/BS with drop pod
  • Troops:
  • Grey Hunters x 5, with PG in Rhino
  • Grey Hunters x 5, with PG in Rhino
  • Fast Attack: Razorback w/TLLC

Allied Null Maiden Task Force:
  • Sisters of Silence x 5 with Executioner greatblade and Sister SuperiorAllied Golden Legion Task Force:
  • Custodian Guard Squad x 5

Genestealer Cult Force (1500 points)

The First Curse
  • Patriarch w Familiars x 2
  • Purestrain Genestealers x 20Allied Tyranids 

Combined Arms Detachment
  • HQ: Hive Tyrant, w Wings, Shreddershard Beetles & Twin-linked Devourer w Brainleech worms x 2
  • Troops:
  • Mucolid Spore
  • Mucolid Spore
  • Mucolid Spore
  • Fast Attack:
  • Spore Mine Cluster x 5
  • Spore Mine Cluster x 5
  • Spore Mine Cluster x 5
  • Heavy Support:
  • Mawloc
  • Mawloc
  • Fortification: Imperial Bunker w Comm Relay

Deathleaper's Assassin Brood:
  • Deathleaper
  • Lictor
  • Lictor
  • Lictor
  • Lictor
  • Lictor

And on to the pictures. 

warhammer 40k game battle report with word bearers tyranids and sisters of silence and spacewolves
My deployment. Being a n00b at 40k means I probably made some mistakes that were made up for by Dave focusing on Matt for the first turn or so.  

warhammer 40k game battle report with word bearers tyranids and sisters of silence and spacewolves

warhammer 40k game battle report with word bearers tyranids and sisters of silence and spacewolves
Matt's side of the board

space wolves rhino and squad of sisters of silence
Sisters of silence cower behind a tank. 

space wolves drop pod and dreadnaught
Spacewolf dread ingages. 

word bearers possessed take on a tyranid lictor
Possessed get into the Tyranids. 
wordbearers possessed take on a tyranid lictor while custodes wait in the back
Possessed chase after a second Lictor

adeptus custodes ready to assault the chaos chosen of the word bearers
Meanwhile the Custodes deepstrike in. 

cultists lead by a dark apostle advance across the battlefield
Apostles ushering their cults forward. 

cultists lead by a dark apostle advance across the battlefield
Another angle of the cultists, with marines in the background. 

spacewolf lord on thunderwolf takes on a lictor
Wolf lord doing some smiting. 

space wolf lord takes on a lictor
More smiting. 

More Tyranids erupt/descend from the skies. 

Genestealers appear

Followed shortly after by a great many more. 

Dave trying to restrict movement with the sporemines. 

Custodes eye up the Genestealers. 

Sisters getting in on the action. 


Overview of the first turn...

....and the Genestealers pile in.....

Cultists ready for some smashing of face. 

The slow and steady advance of the marines. 

The last Custode is pulled down. 

An overview of my side. The Genestealers had quickly eaten the marines I had in front of them.

While one of the last Lictors is still prancing around in the middle of the table. 

Matts transports full of wolves considering moving forward to do some stuff. 

While the cultists are still manuvering for sweet sweet combat. 

And then they got a charge. Woooo!

The bucket of 30-40 dice which resulted from the charge. Mark of Khorne on cultists is amazing. I should point out at this point I did the cultists first and so the Dark Apostle never even needed his Black Mace.  

And right after they pulled the mawloc down, the game ended.  

After seeing the Mawloc pulled down by the cultists Matt was looking a little green as his spacewolves were next in line for a mobbing by the cultists. Luckily for him the game ended before I could reach him.

Final result was that Dave and Matt both held 1 objective while I held none. End result: Draw.

Anyway, head over to Matt's blog to see the rest of the lists, and I'll hopefully be able to get some updates on my painting and modeling (more of the modeling to be honest) in the next few days.